8668 Lower Taverick

The War
Swamp Party

The war is nearing an end, a small platoon of men have been stationed on the border of the Demon Wastes and the Eldeen Reaches. Conditions are less than ideal, with the supply caravan only visiting every other month the troops live off of rations, with the occasional hunted boar. The newest arrivals of men include; Roland Greenbottle, swashbuckling bald headed smooth talker, Epoque d’Medani, the current professor of history at Morgrave, Arakhain, chef extraordinaire with a flare for magic, the mysterious Leftenant Maybe (allegedly his name) with a strong fondness for coffee. The first few days were spent adjusting to the lack of food, lack of leadership, and a general lack of anything to do.

The Captain of the outfit, a dwarf by the name of Coronado. Coronado has a bit of a drinking problem, and had lost interest in leading the group. He spent most of his time drinking and complaining about the lack of coffee. The group of adventurers seemed to turn his attitude around however.

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