Hobgoblin purveyor of fine goods and services


The charismatic Mr. Turtlebody, owner of Turtlebodys Emporium of Fine Goods and Services. Turtlebody both owns, and runs this local magic item and component store. If you are ever in need of an item that you wouldn’t find in any other shop in town, Turtlebody is the person you need to see. Need a discount? Turtlebody. Need to buy some components that maybe the Guard would frown upon? You didn’t get it from Turtlebody! Turtlebody is an honest guy, running an honest business. Now, if you are after (il)legal goods and want the best of deals on a bulk supply? Well you know where to go. You never know what you may find in this shop of wonders, recommend it to your friends!

“And if you come down to Turtlebodys Emporium of Fine Goods and Services soon, be sure you ask about our new membership cards! 5% off single purchases, 10% on bulk, and 15% if I really like you!” – Turtlebody


8668 Lower Taverick CountDuckula