Constable Bhucket

Constable of the Sharn Guard, he means well...usually


Sharn Guard Employee Profile

Mr. Henri Bhucket

Rank: Constable

Age: 42

Nationality: Brelish born, of Aundairan descent.

Height: 4”4

Weight: 250 pounds

Years in service to Sharn: 23


Studied briefly under now disbarred Victor St. Demain Attended Morgrave University, Major in Criminal Studies, Minor in Aundair Art History

Exceptional Skills and/or Abilities:

- High level of interrogative prowess

- High level of ability in deductive reasoning


- Exceptional Bravery in the line of duty

- Wounded in the line of duty to rescue a citizen from harm

- Extraordinary Loyalty to Sharn

- Achieved a solved/unsolved ratio of 95-15, the highest on record within the guard

Constable Bhucket

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